About Me

I thank my teachers and friends, Oscar Innocenti from Rancate, Switzerland and Ezio Negretti from Baraggia, Italy, with infinite gratitude for their patience in revealing to me the secrets of the creation and realization of the sculpture.

“ANIMA MUNDI” – From this symbol (bas relief) dreamed and created in 1994 the entire art collection was born, each with its own history. It represents more than one symbol; it is a bridge between the visible and the invisible, a call to understand that we are all part of an interconnected whole. This work is the expression of the desire for universal harmony.


G.R.was born in Zurich on 10 December 1949. He spent his early childhood there and then moved with his family to Italy, first to Milan and later to Rome.

He will return to Zurich again in 1968, experiencing rock music, the conquest of the Moon and the cultural and social transformations of that effervescent period.

The journey, as a metaphor for life, continues and will lead him to discover other countries, from the Balkans to India, and their related traditions, artistic, cultural and folkloristic expressions. After two years, he will join his family in Switzerland, to reside permanently in Ticino.

Trained and trained as a physiotherapist, gifted with an eclectic and inquisitive character, he will deepen his knowledge in the technical-scientific field by developing and enriching his artistic expression.

His first works date back to 1967. His first sculpture dates back to that year, a female figure in purple rosewood, created for his father, who was blind following an accident at work that occurred years earlier.

After a period dedicated to oil painting, taking inspiration mainly from the works of Salvador Dalì, Gustave Moreau and Gustave Doré, he matured his talent and passion in the plastic arts.

The professional study of human anatomy combined with the exploration and use of the most varied materials will give shape and life to works sometimes integrated with natural elements such as fire, water, gold and pigments.

His creativity will accompany him in the wise use of today’s digital technology where, by freeing his imagination, he will be able to develop projects that would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible, to realise.